On this page, you are able to post photos of brotherhood events, parties, family shots, etc. Please feel free to post your photos, but remember to add a caption with names and graduation years!

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2010 Sunset Cruise

Thanks again for allbrothers who attend this years Sunset Cruise. Although the waves were rough, everyone had a great time!
Please post any photos you may have taken to this album!
Seaweed Shuffle - 1997  Maybe we should bring this back next year...

Alumni Get Togethers

Here are some great photos of alumni events of the past!

DZ Formal - Biltmore Hotel Providence 1986 - Someone had the bright idea of cramming 30 people into the elevator for 6..

Old Days at The House

Add your photos and photos of the OLD DAYS! 

 Please remember to add a captions and names with each photo!


Jamie's Birthday Bash - 6/23/07

Jamie Messere's Memorial Bash 
Effin’s Last Resort 
Smithfield, RI