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James Rossi
Topsfield MA Married 3 1975-1977
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Paul Savickas
Pawtucket RI Engineering Manager Married 3 1973-1978 Employed at Raytheon in Portsmouth RI for the past 31 years.
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Raymond Searles
November 12, 1964 Royersford PA Litigation Manager - Insurance Claims Married 2 1983-1988
SInce graduation, I�married , Joanne Whitmore (SDT 89') in 1990. �We have 2 children - Matt�20 and Melissa�17.� Matt is finishing his third year at Penn State�and my daughter�has decided to attend the University of Kentuck in the fall.  � My wife and I have �quickly learned that time does fly by and we should enjoy each moment we share together.

I have worked in the insurance Industry since graduating and am presently a Manager for Major Case Litigation for a large commercial carrier.�� My wife has worked also in insurance field�as an underwriter and now Compliance, presently with Harleysville Insurance.� We live in the Valley� Forge area of PA thus if anyone is in the area, give me a call as all are welcome.

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Ethan Serlin
Easton CT Global Account Manager Married 2 1988-1992
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Chris Sheldon
Westerly RI Environmental Services Married 1986-1990 Married to Rachel. Live in Westerly,RI, work in Providence for an environmental services company. Still go to Vermont quite a bit to visit family. See quite a few SAE's around Rhode Island and New England area.
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Doug Sherman
August 29, 1963 Cranston RI College Administrator Married 2 1981-1985 Married Judy (Class of '84) and we have 2 girls, Amanda (15) and Alison (12). I've had a bunch of jobs in the engineering field and am now a College Administrator. I would have never guessed I'd being doing this back in the 80's on Thursday nights in the basement of SAE!
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Artur Silva
February 09, 1989 Cumberland RI Student/ Drywall Single 09
Hello Brothers,

My name is AJ , i am an iniate out of Ct. Lambda (Uof Hartford). I am now transfering back to RI and looking to make an explansion. If anyone one would like to get involed on reclaiming URI as a chapter/ Colony please contact me., i can use all the resources and advice i can get. Also i am a fairly new member with ambition to learn as much as possible. With that being said lets do lunch of your interested. 
Thank you,
PHI ALPHA Gentleman.
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Bill Smith
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West Kingston RI General Contractor Married 3 1984-1988
Its hard to be good but good to be hard!
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David Soforenko
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RI A Better Insurance Broker than Bob Benvenudo Married 2 1983-1987
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Eric Spath
Staunton VA Teacher/Coach Married 4 1981 -1986 More than I ever expected. Been a great life although I didn't appreciate it til much later. Married, formed a Brady Bunch with four kids. Teach and coach in Augusta County Va. Ride motorcycles with the wife and kids. God is great. Thanks to Mark for setting me up here.
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