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Peter Spinella
Guilford CT Engineer Married 2 1977-81
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Alfred Testa
Santa Rosa Beach FL Aviation Consultant Married 1963-1966 and 1969-1973 Graduated from Suffolk Law School, and admitted to the RI Bar. (now inactive). Was the
Deputy Director of TF Green Airport in Rhode Island and subsequently became the Executive Director of Manchester Airport (NH). Went on to become the Director of Philadelphia International Airport, then became the Executive Director of Harrisburg International Airport in Harfisburg,PA. Sem-retired from there in 2006 and am now self employed as an independent aviation consultant and living a block off the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Panhandle.
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Mike thomson
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charlestown RI relationship counsler Single
All our welcome minutes from the beach and some great watering holes. Spend a lot of time in summer scuba diving and drinking. Winters mostly spent skiing in VT. Send Mike  a MessageSend Mike a Message
robert trimble
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Monmouth Bch NJ finance Married 2 1987-1991
jon, great to hear from you, web site is great, look forward to getting in touch with some long lost friends, would love to get up to a reunion of some sort. Living in monmouth beach,nj, with wife Jill, and sons Tyler and Kyle.  Phi-a to all Send robert a MessageSend robert a Message
Jim "Mammy" Truscinski
Hebron CT Business Owner Married 4 88-92 Living in CT with my wife Carrie and 4 kids....Braden(7), Kennedy(5) and twins Keegan & Breanne(3). Partner in a voice, data and security company--TriNET Systems, Inc.
Very cool website and looking forward to getting together at the events soon.    Send Jim "Mammy" a MessageSend Jim "Mammy" a Message
John f (Vanner)
johnston RI Associate AD-URI Married 3 1973-1977 I never left URI, I was hired here after graduation and here it is 32 years later. Our 3 children now attend here. Still working 6 days a week
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alfred vuono
Narragansett RI retired Married 2 1964-1969 Former Sr VP Engineering at Hasbro
Partner in small inventing firm
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Neil Wainland
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Upper Saddle River NJ Business owner Married 3 1986-1990 I spent some time traveling right out of college then moved to Manhattan for about 10 years. I lived on the Upper East Side while working in the family metal business which was also in Manhattan. Over the past 10 years I got married to a girl from MA., had 2 daughters and a son and moved to the suburbs in Bergen county NJ just outside the city. I am now running the company out of Astoria, Queens. I am still in contact with Ray Hipelli and Mike Montero. I wind up in RI only about every 2 years or so but would love to go more.
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jason waldman
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Monroe NJ UPS Married 6 1988-1992
Been working for UPS for the past few years, living in New Jersey, and happily married with many kids.  Would love to catch up with some bros. Send jason a MessageSend jason a Message
Jay Ward
Cranston RI Technical Support & Repair Specialist Married 2 1974 - 1979
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