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Edwin Cull
Johnston RI Teacher / Retired 1946-1950 ALOT - I travelled all over the country and Carribean. I was readin teacher for many years for many age groups in the elementary school system in Coventry. Those elder hostels are GREAT!
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Terry Dahl
Midland Park NJ Attorney Married 3 1985-2000 Lived in Hoboken for 10 years. Got married in 1999. Went to Seton Hall law school at night. I have three children, Maddie 4.4, Keri 2.5 and Terence 8 months.
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Greg Day
Staten Island NY Director of operations 1 1992-1997
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NARRAGANSETT RI REA ESTATE BROKER Single 1964-1969 All I've ever been after is a life filled with laughter So far so good.
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George Dellas
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Rochester MA Salesman Married 1 1987-1991 Since graduation move to Rochester, MA with a professional career in Phamaceutical/Medical Sales. I have a wonderful wife Kim whom I've been married to for over 11 years. we have a 9 month old son Jake James, and an 8 year old English Yellow Labrador Retreiver. Everything has been great with the exception of an occasional struggle with employment, but otherwise terrific. We see Jim Pro, Dave Diraffaele, Jon Greene, Coutu, Luke and the guys every so often. Life's pretty good.
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Donald DeRita
Providence RI Retired Supervisor Customer Service Divorced 3 1971-1975 Substitute Taught 3 years Physical Education. Spent 31 years in the Postal Service the last 20 years as a Supervisor
of Customer Service. Have 3 children ages 30,29,26 2 boys Joseph and Anthony 1 girl Christina in that order.Married for 21 years been divorced for 12 years. Have 1 grandchild Jayden 19 mos. old.
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Ali Dib
May 17, 1971 New York NY Executive Director, Global Agency Development - Yahoo! Married 2 90-93 Have been working in the digital media sales business since 1999. Had an 8 year run at and am now working for at Yahoo! in their Global Agency Development group.
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David Dickey
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Temecula CA Major USMC/President & Owner 1986-1990

Currently the President and COO of Alpha Ten Technologies, Inc., San Marcos, CA.

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RI Married 3
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