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Matthew Goldzweig
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June 02, 1970 Shrewsbury NJ Institutional Sales, Equity Derivatives Married 3 '88-'92 After college I went to Law School in CT. After Law School, I started trading Options until 2002 when I joined ICAP on the Institutional Sales Desk, where I am currently brokering Equity Derivatives. I married Cristen (URI '92) in 1997 and we have three kids (Sam 8 1/2, Rebecca 6, & Mara 3). We have been living in Shrewsbury, NJ since 2001.
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Jon Greene
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Newark DE VP of Operations Married 3 1987 - 1991
Been married to Laura who I met at the Ocean Mist for 20 years and have 3 great kids - 17, 15 and 10. Still involved with the Rhode Island Alpha chapter and enjoying every minute of it. To sit back and watch the amazing job Bob Meyer and these incredible undergrads have done to bring our chapter back has been remarkable. If you are any where near the Delaware area or beaches, please contact me for a cold beer.

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Bill Grey
Leominster Massachusetts Retired Sept.1973 - May 1977
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Jeffrey Mr. Peabody (Harris)
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North Smithfield RI Architect Married 4 1987-1992 I have been working on licensure while employed at an arch\'l firm in Providence since 2001. Got married in 2000 to Helena, 4 children since: Hayden in 2004, Trista in 2007, Marshall in 2009 and Everett in 2012. It\'s great to be able to see a lot of alum. in the NE area when I can. The hazing never ends! Phi-A!
Christopher Heaney
August 24, 1958 Astoria NY United Nations -- Dept. of Political Affairs Single 1976-1980
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Charlie Hiotas
Ada RI Business owner 2 1967 - 1973
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Ray Hippeli
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Westborough MA Marketing Married 2 1985-90 Soon after college I landed a job working for a Market Research supplier in Manhattan and continued to work for various research firms in the NYC area. Eventually, I took a job as Director of Market Research for Fidelity Investments, where I am now.

I married Kim Ryan, the girl I met in collage, and we have 2 daughters, Megan (11) and Nicole (8); we live in Westborough, MA with our German Shorthaired Pointers.

I sold the Gray Mustang GT for a 1966 Mustang GT instead – a much better choice.

Thought about roasting a pig on my front lawn, but haven’t got around to it yet…I’ll will let you know if I do it and I’ll be sure to invite J.J, Grogan, and Leo!

Phi A
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Richard P Hoopis
Lake Forest IL CPA Married 2 Sept '71 to June '75
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Christopher Horan
Chalfont PA Environmental Consultant Married 2 1979-1983 I've been in environmental consulting and I currently work for Synergy Environmental. We are located near Valley Forge, but have projects throughout the northeast and mid-west.

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Gray Smirnoff (Horton)
Camas WA Mayor Married 3 1981-1985 what's up old fuckers?

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